We wanted to come up with something that was high in quality, but not as exotic and costly. The result was Cheap Stik. The only thing cheap about the product is the name,  label and the cost. Well, the cost is low considering we are not a big box company. We don't own a prodution plant that can produce millions of units for pennies.

We will say that this lip balm is handcrafted with care. Its all natural ingredients include Beeswax, a slow absorbing, extra virgin Olive Oil, some moisturizing Coconut Oil, gamma-Tocopherols (Vitamin E) to help extend the shelf life and a bit of natural flavoring. You will absolutely love the feel this lip balm provides, and at a reasonable cost.

Cheap Stik is sold in lots of 20 at $14.80 per lot ($0.74 each). MSRP is $1.49 (per 0.15 ounce tube).  Here's the exciting part. Small Farma Soothicals will take care of the dreaded shipping cost. All lip balms come with a consumer safety seal.

To keep the cost low, we offer no choice of color on the tubes or labels. That's the cheap part!